Raleigh: Known for its Unpredictable Weather???

Image 2015-03-02 9~2

Raleigh, along with the rest of North Carolina has started to develop a reputation for its unforeseen weather patterns throughout the entire year. Native North Carolinians can often be found telling visitors and “foreigners” that North Carolina is one of the only places in the United States where you can get all four seasons of weather in just one week.

The most recent occurrence of wild weather is the “triple snowstorm”. Just when NC thought it was off the hook for extreme winter weather, we were pounded with three snowstorms just within a two week period. This doesn’t include the winter weather advisory that was set for the Sunday following all of this madness.

Image 2015-03-02 5~2

Image 2015-03-02 8

Image 2015-03-02 2

Image 2015-03-02 6

Image 2015-03-02 3

With all of this happening, no one really expected temperatures to reach the 60’s and even the 70s that have yet to come just this week.

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