Welcome to Wolf Country

If there is one super iconic thing that Raleigh is known for, the North Carolina State University campus and the people that make up that campus are in the running for the win.


Raleigh, is usually divided between bleeding red, “Carolina” blue, and Blue Devil Blue, but with both of my parents being NC State Alumni and my fiance getting ready to join them, I don’t think there is much a choice in my case. Besides, who bleeds blue anyways?

NC State has begun to expand widely over the years and this is extremely evident in all of the new housing developments that are either in the making or freshly built.

image (5)

The Hunt Library is one of the newest educational additions and it is breath taking. When you’re looking for a book in the library, a robot goes and gets it and brings it to you!

image (4)

However, there are some timeless things at NC State, traditions as well as structures that we always love to see. Things such as this include places like the Free Expression Tunnel that I love so much.

image (2)

image (1)

Its fame was rediscovered recently with its beautiful mural offering tribute to the ‘Three Winners’ who were murdered at Chapel Hill.

image (3)

Of course NC State has other attractions things such as the forever busy Hillsborough Street, Reynolds Coliseum, the school of Animal Medicine, the Talley Center and much, much more. But the most important thing to remember is that NC State and its people truly embody some of the best things about Raleigh, NC.

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