Restaurants, Boutiques, and Fun: Oh My!

Cameron Village has long been a favorite part of Raleigh life. I love going to Cameron Village to eat and shop, and so on my lovely 70 degree day in winter I took advantage!

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Cameron Village has a lot of restaurants that offer fresh local foods and beers that are the pride of North Carolina. I love being able to grab a fresh, inexpensive lunch in Cameron Village at Cafe Carolina or having a nice dinner at Village Draft House, Cantina 18, or Cameron Bar and Grill.






Although Cameron Village has lots of local, unique restaurants, there is also a gem of a Chic-fil-a that was recently added to the shopping center a few years ago. A little fun fact: Cameron Village is home to the only 2-story Chic-fil-A in the world!


One of my favorite things about Cameron Village is the Fresh Market. They have an awesome selection of fresh foods and even a deli where they offer food that is already cooked. The Fresh Market also caters to the ever growing Vegan, Paleo, and Vegetarian populations.

20150304_201701 20150304_201722 20150304_201730

Bevello is my absolutely favorite place in Cameron Village to shop. I love their unique styles of clothes. They are a little pricey, but their quality and unique taste are definitely worth the extra bucks.


There are also tons of other boutiques such as Kannon’s who has been making nice quality clothing for men and women of North Carolina for almost 75 years now. My grandmother always talks about how she worked in a Kannon’s in my hometown of Wendell when I she was a teenager!


The Bargain Box is also one of my favorite places to shop in Cameron Village it is a thrift shop that is full of treasure just waiting to be found. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Bargain Box and never found an awesome deal on something.


Cameron Village also has a huge 2 story library that is a part of Wake County Libraries. It is a beautifully built place that is a convenience to all of the college and high school students in the area.


Sugarland is a bakery that was also recently added to Cameron Village that relocated from the Streets at Southpoint. I haven’t been there yet, but I can’t wait to try one of the yummy cupcakes that were in the display window.

20150304_200831 sugarlandcupcake

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