The Heart of Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh is probably most known for its ever-bustling and exciting Fayetteville Street. Fayetteville Street is often the place for large festivals, amazing food, and nice scenery.

image (6)

I personally love the restaurants that are located on Fayetteville Street. I have eaten at many of them countless times and even worked at one. Fayetteville Street restaurants even get a little personal for me because my fiance and I had our first date at Bolt, an American Bistro restaurant on the 200 block of Fayetteville Street. My favorite sushi place, Sono, is also on Fayetteville Street. Its located right next to the ABC 11 News Station, if you’ve never eaten there I encourage you to PLEASE give it a try! Other great restaurants to try while you’re visiting are the Louisiana inspired Big Easy, The Oxford, & Zinda.

image (7)

image (8)

image (10)

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Some of the nicest and largest hotels in Raleigh are also located on F Street. The Sheraton and the Marriott are luxurious and roomy hotels where many people choose to host conventions, weddings, parties, and all other sorts of occasions. Both hotels also have highly acclaimed restaurants inside that are very affordable.

image (13)

Some great places to experience Raleigh nightlife are also known to F Street. Some of these places include the Oxford, Capital City Tavern, and my favorite place on F Street, Paddy O Beers. Paddy O serves craft beers in a comfortable atmosphere with great “beer-tenders” making many who experience it feel immediately at home. Restaurants by day ¬†such as The Big Easy, Zinda, the Oxford and Bolt also double at a great night spot.

image (16)

image (17)

Other Raleigh essentials are also located on F Street such as the infamous Wake County Courthouse, a historic-style Post Office, and the very familiar looking ABC 11 News Station.

image (14)

image (15)

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