Top 5 Things Raleigh is Known For

Raleigh has some awesome places to visit and explore for residents, visitors, and those just passin’ through. Some of the best places and things I’ve experienced while exploring Raleigh are:

1. Exciting Museums Rich with North Carolina History (Did I Mention FREE???)



There’s nothing like visiting a museum that excites visitors about history and interacts with them so they can better understand the past.

2. Restaurants with Good Ol’ Southern Cooking and Hospitality

big boy plate

The Pit was just one of many restaurants throughout Raleigh that not only bring out the good cooking of the South but support local farmers and businesses while doing it.

3. The Pack

the pack

Raleigh is known for being the home of the NC State Wolfpack, whether you agree with it or not. NC State completes an awesome community, which has been educating young people for generations.

4. Shopping Til There’s Dropping!


Cameron Village is just one of the many places that you can have an awesome shopping experience in Raleigh. There is also Crabtree Valley Mall (Complete with an Apple and a North Face Store) as well as North Hills and Triangle Towne Center.

5. Beautiful Parks



North Carolina’s weather makes for a wonder-filled visit to their many parks and recreation centers (when the weather is not being unpredictable!). Pullen Park is a part of Raleigh’s Parks and Recreation facilities which allow for organized sports for both children and adults, as well as a place to enjoy with your entire family.

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