Science, Beer, and Games? Sounds Like My Kinda Party

GlobeIf you have never been to late night Thursdays at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, then you are definitely missing out on a treat. Every Thursday the Nature Research Center and Daily Planet Cafe are open until 9pm for special programs, games, learning, and fun. Most of the time for certain programs there is a small fee to participate, but for first Thursdays you just need a little science knowledge, a team of no more than 8, and a beer preference. First Thursdays is Science Trivia day where people can come after work and school to meet new people, catch up with old friends, enjoy a full tap and wine variety while playing games like Science Bingo. My team didn’t win any rounds of Science Bingo, but we had an awesome time. If we were to win, we would have won prizes such as event and exhibit tickets to gift shop certificates. I do wish that the entire museum was open to the public late as well, but I suppose it is not because of safety issues.

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